About our Bagels

The preparation of bagels respecting traditions!

Preparation of bagels respecting traditions!


Because we use traditional methods and ingredients of the best quality, our "Montreal" style bagels are the pride of our company.


Unlike the "New York" bagel, which is lightly salted and boiled in plain water, the "Montreal" bagel is lightly sweetened and boiled in honey-softened water, giving it its distinctive flavor. It will then be submerged in a mixture of seeds (sesame, poppy, etc.) before being cooked.


The Montreal bagel is the favorite and we understand why. Its supple texture and softer flavor makes it a popular choice among enthusiasts.


Our bagels are baked in a wood-burning oven and then grilled to point with a sometimes irregular color depending on the internal flames of the oven.


The result: fresh bagels, golden, supple and tasty, loyal to the Montreal traditions.


Indeed, what could be more tempting than a bagel toasted, honeyed, seasoned in a thousand ways to satisfy your desires.


That's what we offer you at Mtl Bagels.